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Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse

Glorious Gaming – Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse – RGB 69 g Superlight Wireless Honeycomb Mouse (Matte Black Mouse)

Any Bluetooth mouse in its class, the Model O Wireless offers the lowest wireless latency. Modern technology offers responsive, precise clicks without any accidental double-clicking.
The model of wireless mouse has a bendable USB-C Ascended cable for continuous performance. The wireless model O transforms into the ideal USB-C gaming mouse when it is plugged in.
The longest battery life of any mouse in its class is provided by the Model O Wireless. You can play for up to 71 hours without needing to recharge. Including quick charging to get you back in the action.
Honeycomb Mouse: The honeycomb shell helps the mouse stay sturdy while weighing less. This makes it possible to produce a lightweight mouse that is ideal for both gaming and regular use.

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Inside the Model O wireless box

inside the box model O wireless gaming mouse

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