PerpetualGaming made social gaming and play a worldwide phenomenon, and we remain the industry leader.

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Enter Perpetual Gaming was created because of my genuine passion for gaming and technology in 2017. Our company aims to provide every gamer with a custom PC to fit their gaming lifestyle. Our tier system ensures there will be a PC that fits everyone’s needs. We want to provide every customer with the best finished product possible and strive to assure every customer that we can build you your dream PC.

who are we

We are a company called PERPETUAL GAMING creates astonishingly crafted custom PCs for professionals, gamers, and hobbyists.


Gaming has become a staple in all of our lives both on Console, and on Pc. Here at EPG we want to see everyone unlock their creative side and become more connected to the lightning fast growing, gaming creator Industry. We want you to join Enter Perpetual Gaming to help us Spread endless laughter and happiness through gaming & community!

Jaedin Owens


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