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Design Your Custom Pc

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Gamer Tier

$1500 – $2000

High performance budget build made for gaming. Features high refresh rate (HD) 1080p 144hz most titles…


Pro tier

$2500 – $3000*

Higher Performance build made for competitive gaming, multi-tasking & streaming.
Features higher refresh rates (2k) 1440p 165hz most titles…

Creator tier

$4000 – $5000*
Highest Performance build made for competitive gaming, multi-tasking, streaming & video editing. Features Higher refresh rate & highest quality (4k) 2160p 144hz most titles…

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We Ship anywhere in the United States.
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Our Mission

Gaming has become a staple in all of our lives both on Console, and on Pc. Here at EPG we want to see everyone unlock their creative side and become more connected to the lightning fast growing, gaming creator Industry. We want you to join Enter Perpetual Gaming to help us Spread endless laughter and happiness through gaming & community!

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